MSIgnite16 PPTX and Video Downloader

MSIgnite16 PPTX and Video Downloader:
Example: .\Ignite2016Downloader.ps1 -DownloadFolder C:\MSIgnite\



SupportDesk Tool – SolutionCenter -german version 1.1


Hi together,

today i am publishing the version 1.1 of my SolutionCenter in german.

In short – it is a SupportDesk-Tool to:

  • Share and store centralized Links for a team – this links can be:
    • File / Script links
    • Folder Links
    • Website links
    • Links automatically filled with clipboard
  • Backup folders in different timespans to configurable spaces
  • Send messages to the whole team

with additional

  • Access configuration
  • Logging
  • Fallback Server in local Links
  • Overview of actual usage
  • Modifyable Layout and Design


It is downloadable HERE

For further information take a look here:

Best regards,



PSGUI v0.5 new Editor! Colors! and more!

Hey together,

i have very nice news for you!
I managed to exchange the integrated Text-editor of PSGUI with AvalonEdit.

Take a look at this fantastic new features:


  • CodeStyling
  • LineNumbers
  • Searching (Ctrl+F)
  • Better Jumping to the EventHandlers
  • Wrapping
  • Unlimited Undo and Redo
  • and more

Also i did lots of BugFixes, added some Examples and some new little functions – like the Button “Open in ISE”, which opens all 3 DialogFiles in the Powershell_ISE or the “Open”-Button for the Dialog-Folders and also some improvements in the dialogs for “New-Dialog” and “Rename-Dialog”.

A imporant hint here – to create new Dialogs or rename Dialogs you have to start the PSGUI-Manager with Admin-Rights. For example – out of a ISE / Powershell console, which has been opened with Admin rights. I will address this topic later on.

I personally think, that this was one of the most valuable changes in the last time. But keep tuned – lots of functions are still planned, before we get to version 1.0.

Things like:

  • Export/Import Dialogs
  • Creating GUI-Packages
  • more Assistance for GUI-Creators
  • more Examples to show more complicated stuff
  • and probably – Intellisense – but lets see


And last but not least:

Installation is now as easy as any possible – with PowershellGallery – described here.


Best regards,


PSGUI v0.2 – Next Round – Powershell vs. XAML – Fight!


Hi together,

today i have pretty good news for you!

Long time ago i started the project PSGUI, but i had not much time and power to create a stable version, because i had been working and training hard for Microsoft in the last months.

But – luckily i had again some time to get progress in this nice project and here is the next version!



  • Download as Zip
  • Unblock in NTFS Properties
  • install.bat
  • Link on Desktop [or] Link in folder [or] Powershell.exe – Start-PSGUIManager
  • have fun – till now


But what was actually PSGUI about? Below a short summary – detailed instructions will follow.

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PSConfEU – Interviews – Material

Hi all,

some time passed since my last update, but now i am arriving with a whole bunch of demo scripts for everyone.

I have been at the PSConfEU and had two speaking slots there:

  • PS-Repo Server
  • Deep Dive XAML-GUIs in PS

My good friend Sebstian Klenk, Technical Evangelist Microsoft, did two interviews in german with me and summed everything up in his blog.

There you can get also the material of my sessions and more – i recommend the demo Scripts of the GUI Session-  but keep in mind that not all of the examples were written by me but i personally did not want to keep them out.

Interview/Blog: PS-Repo-Server

Material – PS-Repo-Server

Interview/Blog: Deep Dive XAML-GUIs in PS

Material Deep Dive XAML-GUIs in PS



SolutionCenter v1.02 german

Hello together,

this time i want to present you my own creation – the SolutionCenter, (first in my native language – german) If the resonance is good i could easily translate it to english.

It is a tool which can be perfectly used in small to larger teams like support desks and so on. It shows buttons which can be sorted in different tabs to easily open programs, web links with defined browsers, files like ppt, pdf, txt etc. and also locations in the explorer like public shares. It can also work with the windows cache to integrate the cache in the execution.

For an user this could possibly look like this – and the color scheme can also be modified:


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PS – download of csv-files of a folder from Sharepoint via webclient

In this example the assumption is that you don´t have a Sharepoint server on which you could use the Sharepoint commandlets. So only the standard webclient functions were used to allow you to download all files. Also you need some valid credentials to log onto the Sharepoint website otherwise you would get the error 401 (not authorized).

Here is the code herefore:

Download all files from a sharepoint folder. 
download all files from a sharepoint aspx-site. 
$credentials=Get-Credential -Credential Domäne\Benutzer 
[string]$sharepointURL = 'https://domä' Download-AllFilesFromSP -SP_ASPX_Page $sharepointURL -DestinationFolder 'C:\ExportDirectory' -Credentials $credentials 
.INPUTS SP_ASPX_Page - aspx-site DestinationFolder target  CredentialsSP - authentication 
Web; Sharepoint; Download 
  function Download-AllCSVFilesFromSP
            PARAM (

            #create Object            
            $webclient = New-Object System.Net.WebClient 

            #set credentials
            $webclient.Credentials = $CredentialsSP 
            #retrieve content
            $response = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $SP_ASPX_Page -Credential $CredentialsSP -Method Get

            #parse content parsen and search for export-files
            $matches =[regex]::Matches($response.content,'(\sUrl=\")+[0-9,a-z,A-Z\/_-]*(.csv\"\s)') 

            #foreach found file
            foreach ($item in $matches)
                    #clean the download string             
                    $downloadFileURL = ($item.Groups[0].Value).Split('"')[1]

                    #extract the domain
                    $UrlDomain = ([regex]::Matches($SP_ASPX_Page,'https://[0-9,a-z,A-Z_\-\.]*')).Value

                    #extract filename
                    $downloadFile = $downloadFileURL.Split('/')[-1]
                    #download to destination folder
                    $webclient.downloadfile($UrlDomain + $downloadFileURL,  $DestinationFolder + '\' + $downloadFile)