PSGUI v0.2 – Next Round – Powershell vs. XAML – Fight!


Hi together,

today i have pretty good news for you!

Long time ago i started the project PSGUI, but i had not much time and power to create a stable version, because i had been working and training hard for Microsoft in the last months.

But – luckily i had again some time to get progress in this nice project and here is the next version!



  • Download as Zip
  • Unblock in NTFS Properties
  • install.bat
  • Link on Desktop [or] Link in folder [or] Powershell.exe – Start-PSGUIManager
  • have fun – till now


But what was actually PSGUI about? Below a short summary – detailed instructions will follow.

The project PSGUI had the intention to empower everyone to easily create XAML-GUIs for Powershell.

The primary aims with this project had been:

  • everyone can do it
  • structured and separated code by logic
  • easy to create and deploy dialogs
  • easy to manage multiple dialogs
  • free code to use for everyone
  • examples for small and easy but also further on more complex solutions
  • preconfigured examples for some use-cases
  • as many internal functions to avoid manual work
  • no dependencies to proprietary programs


It consists of two parts:

  1. Framework PSGUI
    Functions to automatically load XAML files and do all the standard tasks.
  2. Manager PSGUIManager
    An XAML-created GUI to create new GUIs easily with a low amount of effort.
    Showing and demonstrating also examples.
    Creating packages to be applied to different users/computers easily.


Release Notes:

  • Stable
  • easy Installer (install.bat – fire and go)
  • Dynamic DialogFolders
  • Complete Code Review
    • Documentation
    • getting rid of potential exceptions and IEX
    • Stable async ShowWindow
    • and much more
  • Function Start-PSGUIManager
  • Reviewed  Function Open-XAMLDialog – can now open dialogs by name and/or Folderpath
  • Debugging-Assistance


  • proper documentation
  • Packages (Exporting Dialog with all necessary functions to be possible to use this dialogs on different computers)
  • more Logic to DialogFolders
  • more and cleaned up Examples
  • Pester
  • and much more

Best regards,