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FHZ_0880_quDavid das Neves is a former software developer, has been working for Microsoft as a Premier Field Engineer and works now at Google Germany as a Google Program Manager. In his daily tasks he works primarily with enterprise customers to leverage the power of the Google Cloud Platform and to help them transforming their businesses. Besides his work, he writes books, blog articles, organizes user groups, and speaks at conferences and other events all over the world.



David das Neves

Google Cloud Consultant




4 thoughts on “The author

  1. Hi David,

    I have just had a look at one of your older talks at PowerShell Conference EU.
    I then went on to look at the GitHub repo: and was not able to find any scripts. There is content under your name in the later years, but 2016 there was none.

    Is there any chance you might still have some of the more complicated scripts? Could you publish it or send it to me privately?

    Thank you.

    PS: Frage mich gerade, warum ich Englisch geschrieben habe, aber ….

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  2. PSGUI is awesome, just curious if along with binding can a template be created to have separate controls fill a datagrid. modifying a template to change things like column header values as well as bindings in a datagrid column?


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