SolutionCenter v1.02 german

Hello together,

this time i want to present you my own creation – the SolutionCenter, (first in my native language – german) If the resonance is good i could easily translate it to english.

It is a tool which can be perfectly used in small to larger teams like support desks and so on. It shows buttons which can be sorted in different tabs to easily open programs, web links with defined browsers, files like ppt, pdf, txt etc. and also locations in the explorer like public shares. It can also work with the windows cache to integrate the cache in the execution.

For an user this could possibly look like this – and the color scheme can also be modified:


This tool is placed in a network share where all the users open the same file. By this the changes will be shown to all users within a click. In the SolutionCenterConfig – you can modify the layout and add new buttons to it. Foreach button you can set a executing function and can add below a information button. e.g. a HowTO documentation file


It can also be managed who has the right to open the tool and it is tracked which users have the tool open at the moment – and all actions e.g. what buttons were pressed are also logged into a log file:


In the module tab you can enable also a backup-manager which makes backups from diferent shares in a specific interval. There you see the funtionality “ServerManager”. Here you can add diferent servers where you place your documents. If one server goes down the next server in this list will be contacted afterwards. Herefore you add a variable into the layout configuration to enable this functions.


About information:


Test it and give me some feedback. Till now it its language is german. But if the resonance is big enough i could possible translate it also to a english version.

Here you can download it:

SC GitHub

Thanks and have fun with it