How important is scripting? Why Powershell?

Here we are – speaking about a topic, which all companies should have discussed and implemented years ago, but most of them didn´t. I will show you with some examples, why you should change your mind and even if you´re on the right train – there are still ways to improve.

Why scripting

Most of the companies think of scripting and automation as of cryptic hieroglyphics, which only the software developer gurus can handle. This is just a self protecting lie to be not forced to learn something new. Scripting (totally equally, which language you are using) is built up logically, which every IT-Administrator or IT- adept person can learn and master. But if you are still in doubt with this thesis you should take a look at the pros of scripting:

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How I work.

Adam Bertram started this GitHub site inspired by the Lifehacker “How I Work” series and Thom asked me to post also a page of me. So – here we go!

Where are you located?:

Microsoft Office in Munich, Germany but i actually live in Ingolstadt.

What is/are your current gig(s):

Well i work for Microsoft as Premier Field Engineer and it´s fun!
But what is this job role about?
Some people think, that i am just a more expensive consultant… other persons even can´t imagine anything… so I will spend some words about my job role.

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