PSGUI v0.2 – Next Round – Powershell vs. XAML – Fight!


Hi together,

today i have pretty good news for you!

Long time ago i started the project PSGUI, but i had not much time and power to create a stable version, because i had been working and training hard for Microsoft in the last months.

But – luckily i had again some time to get progress in this nice project and here is the next version!



  • Download as Zip
  • Unblock in NTFS Properties
  • install.bat
  • Link on Desktop [or] Link in folder [or] Powershell.exe – Start-PSGUIManager
  • have fun – till now


But what was actually PSGUI about? Below a short summary – detailed instructions will follow.

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Who’s afraid of PowerShell security?

Hello together,

many people are afraid of using Powershell remoting, because they think it is very unsafe.

Just take a moment and read this:

The improvements in WMF 5.0 (or WMF 4.0 with KB3000850) make PowerShell the worst tool of choice for a hacker when you enable script block logging and system-wide transcription. Hackers will leave fingerprints everywhere, unlike popular CMD utilities. For this reason, PowerShell should be the only tool you allow for remote administration. These features allow you to answer the classic questions who, what, when, where, and how for activities on your servers.

Technet Link

PowerShell Remoting Security Considerations

New security documentation from the PowerShell team. This is a start, and it will continue to be updated. Give this link to your InfoSec people who need more information.

PowerShell ♥ the Blue Team

Whitepaper by Lee Holmes “Scripting Security and Protection Advances in Windows 10” (PowerShell 5).

Give this to your InfoSec people, your manager, and your grandmother. Then implement it.

Best regards,


PSConfEU – Interviews – Material

Hi all,

some time passed since my last update, but now i am arriving with a whole bunch of demo scripts for everyone.

I have been at the PSConfEU and had two speaking slots there:

  • PS-Repo Server
  • Deep Dive XAML-GUIs in PS

My good friend Sebstian Klenk, Technical Evangelist Microsoft, did two interviews in german with me and summed everything up in his blog.

There you can get also the material of my sessions and more – i recommend the demo Scripts of the GUI Session-  but keep in mind that not all of the examples were written by me but i personally did not want to keep them out.

Interview/Blog: PS-Repo-Server

Material – PS-Repo-Server

Interview/Blog: Deep Dive XAML-GUIs in PS

Material Deep Dive XAML-GUIs in PS



PS – External Utilities – german console with umlauts

Hi all,

i am using a german console with german words. Many of you know that we use “very special characters” also called umlauts: “ÄÜÖ”.

The interesting part is – if you try to use external tools as the following and they normally would return any values with umlauts this will not work out from Powershell; Let´s say for this example you created a shared directory named ‘ÄÜÖ’:

net.exe VIEW \\localhost\ /all

Here you would get something like this by using it in Powershell:

Freigabename  Typ     Verwendet als  Kommentar         

ADMIN$        Platte                 Remoteverwaltung
Bilder        Platte
C$            Platte                 Standardfreigabe
IPC$          IPC                    Remote-IPC
print$        Platte                 Druckertreiber
Users         Platte
Ž™š           Platte
Der Befehl wurde erfolgreich ausgefhrt.

This error is caused by not matching encodings. Therefore these have to be set previously for the console itself. But here comes again another tricky part. Till now – you would get an error by setting the consoles encoding without having used the cmd.exe out of powershell before, because the handle to the console has to be created previously. Therefore the way to get this to work would be like this:

cmd /c ''
if ([Console]::OutputEncoding.CodePage -ne 852 )
    [Console]::OutputEncoding = [System.Text.Encoding]::GetEncoding(852)
net.exe VIEW \\localhost\ /all

#getting only the specific line
net.exe VIEW \\localhost\ /all | Select-String 'Ö'
net.exe VIEW \\localhost\ /all | Where-Object { $_ -like '*Ö*' }

With following result:

Freigabename  Typ     Verwendet als  Kommentar         

ADMIN$        Platte                 Remoteverwaltung  
Bilder        Platte                                   
C$            Platte                 Standardfreigabe  
IPC$          IPC                    Remote-IPC        
print$        Platte                 Druckertreiber    
Users         Platte                                   
ÄÖÜ           Platte                                   
Der Befehl wurde erfolgreich ausgeführt.

I am pretty sure that german readers may need this information some time.

Best regards,

New Job – Premier Field Engineer

MS.jpeg Hi together,

i have been very busy because i have switched jobs. Since 1st Feb. i am working for Microsoft itself! (Wuhu!) And yeah – it´s much to do!

My new job title is Premier Field Engineer and my specialties will be SCCM, Client and Powershell. Though i will be more focused on SCCM and Client and combining it as often as possible with Powershell 🙂

Because of this i will post a little more rarely in the next months, but be sure that i will provide you with some more useful and interesting stuff.

So – thank you all for reading and see you soon