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if you want to raise an event by your powershell code use the following command:

$GUI_Manager_rCodeBehind.RaiseEvent((New-Object -TypeName System.Windows.RoutedEventArgs -ArgumentList $([System.Windows.Controls.Button]::ClickEvent)))

The variable (here: $GUI_Manager_rCodeBehind) is the object from which you want to raise the event. In the parameters you have to insert your event in the ArgumentList. This example is for a ButtonClick event – [System.Windows.Controls.Button]::ClickEvent).

May be you will need it at some point.




Easy creating Powershell GUI with XAML? PSGUI!

Hello together,

3 months ago i started a project to create user interfaces for Powershell with WPF as simple as possible for everyone by using a  – POWERSHELL GUI.

Powershell GUI with Powershell GUI?! – sounds paradox – but hey – one example will be ready the whole time. 😀

Many times there had been administrators, customers and friends who asked for a GUI in PS. Probably the loudest group crying had been the administrators who normally should work easily with Powershell. But IT-guys are lazy – and because of these laziness we create powerfull scripts which make life easier. And if a wonderfull looking GUI is on top of this functionality – even better!

Though you should never forget – by adding a GUI to a module / function of yours you can prevent lots of input errors by the user. The user gets happy because he can click and sees a wonderful design and you can add an additional abstraction layer preventing lots of headaches.


The primary aims with this project had been:

  • everyone can do it
  • structured and separated code by logic
  • easy to create and deploy dialogs
  • easy to manage multiple dialogs
  • free code to use for everyone
  • examples for small and easy but also further on more complex solutions
  • preconfigured examples for some use-cases
  • as many internal functions to avoid manual work
  • no dependencies to proprietary programs
PSGUI v0.1

PSGUI v0.1

Interested? then take a look into!

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