Debugging & powerful tools

For the first introduction i want so show some of the most import tools for debugging which you must know to find and correct errors.

And the first tools are the Nirsoft Tools and also the Sysinternals Suite which both contain powerful tools to make your life much easier. In the Sysinternals Suite you should become very familiar with Process Monitor, Process Explorer and Autoruns.


Some online traing for the Sysinternal Suite here

Some staring examples: simple functions

For this you should use the little but very smart application WSCC. It loads all containing applications from Nirsoft and Sysinternals by one click. Also updates can be retrieved by one click without redownloading the whole packages again.


The next must-have-application is WinDBG. As a good debugger you should know how to work with it. For example – BSODs and other post mortem dumps can be debugged with it and sometimes the cause of them might be foundable very easily.

Some tutorial videos can be foud here:

Channel 9 WinDBG

It is a good way to get in touch with it as a beginner. But later on you have to make your own experiences by practice. That is the only way how to become a good debugger.

Here is also a simple list of the main command.


That is it. Enough information as introduction. You should have more than enough work now to work with and i hope that i could give you some nice links.